The Brain Matters


In Dunedin we welcomed a good crowd of nearly 200 attendees. Unfortunately technical difficulties resulted in a very troublesome audio system and we apologise for the disruption to our guests. However our panellists, Associate Professor John Reynolds, Professor Winston Byblow, Professor Paul Glue, and Kevin Milne had a fantastic rapport on stage and regaled us with their fascinating anecdotes which made for a most enjoyable evening. One of the highlights of the night was that everyone in the audience had the unique opportunity to hold a real human brain as it was passed around!

Visit to learn more about the fascinating research funded by the Neurological Foundation and keep up to date with the achievements of our brilliant panellists.

The Neurological Foundation would like to thank everyone who attended and also our wonderful volunteers who helped to ensure a great event. 

Meet the panel

  • Broadcaster

    Consistently in Reader's Digest Most Trusted People list

    Two time Qantas Media Award Winner for Best Presenter

    Fair Go presenter for 27 years

  • Neuroscientist and Deputy Director, Brain Health Research Centre, University of Otago

    Chairman, Neurological Foundation Scientific Advisory Committee

  • Director, Movement Neuroscience Laboratory

    Professor of Sport and Exercise Science, Centre for Brain Research, University of Auckland

  • Head of Department, Psychological Medicine, Dunedin School of Medicine

    Hazel Buckland Chair of Psychiatry