The Brain Matters


At the Aurora Centre and we were delighted to have almost a full house of over 500 attendees at this excellent venue. Once again our panellists, Professor Cliff Abraham, Professor Tim Anderson and Dr Maurice Curtis, really captured the attention of everyone as they talked in detail about their work and experience, the ‘competitive’ nature of neuroscience and their aspirations for the future. The crowd was incredibly responsive and the Q&A segment was very popular. Kevin Milne continued to revel in his role as chair and added immeasurably to the conversation.

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The Neurological Foundation would like to thank everyone who attended The Brain Matters Christchurch and also our wonderful volunteers who helped to ensure a great event.

Meet the panel

  • Broadcaster

    Consistently in Reader's Digest Most Trusted People list

    Two time Qantas Media Award Winner for Best Presenter

    Fair Go presenter for 27 years

  • Professor, Department of Psychology

    Director, Brain Health Research Centre, University of Otago

  • Clinical Director, New Zealand Brain Research Institute, Christchurch

    Professor, Department of Medicine, University of Otago, Christchurch

    Neurologist, Department of Neurology, Canterbury District Health Board

  • Neuroscientist and Senior Lecturer, Centre for Brain Research, University of Auckland